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After Care Healing Support

Julie F. Hedges, rev ©2020

Congratulations on your Deep Healing work!

After your session, you may process physical, mental, emotional and spiritual changes for days or weeks. This is normal. As you re-calibrate to new levels of healing awareness, you may experience sensations that are not part of your norm.  



Seek immediate medical attention if  you experience painful symptoms, extreme or alarming phenomena.


If you experience abnormal sensations for 3 consecutive days following your session, PLEASE CONTACT ME. 

 I can help you find what may ease the challenges as you work through deep healing changes. 


Be Gentle with Yourself while you are releasing the old and integrating the New. 


After-Care Support For Body, Mind & Spirit

  •      Epsom Salt Baths
  •      Essential Oils & Crystals
  •      Grounding, Earthing, Nature Walk 
  •      Breathwork
  •      Water, Alternative Diet
  •      Rest & Meditate 
  •      Yoga & Stretching
  •      Journal Work & Dream Work
  •      Laughter/Comedy
  •      Chanting, Praying & Mantras
  •      "Media" Break (including social media)

Instant Energetic Refresh

Place hands in prayer position at the Heart center. Feet flat on the floor. Breathe deeply into your belly.

Exhale and sweep the hands over the head, down the neck, shoulders and front of the body all the way to the feet.  Shake out the hands.

Repeat, sweeping the hands down the back of the body.  Shake out the hands. 

This Quick Energy Refresh is like a "Restart" for your entire system. 

For a more intense experience, follow with a whole-body shake for 5 seconds. NOW you're now awake alive with positive energy! Breathe positive power through your etheric fields, organs, cells and meridians. 

Healing & Alignment

While healing, the Body and subtle energy systems need extra care. Lapis Lazuli helps to focus the Mind and keep your auric field attuned to Higher Wisdom. 

Archangel Michael is the Holy protector Angel who cuts through confusion with his flaming Sword of TruthCall upon Archangel Michael when you an extra boost of Divine Clarity through the Healing process.

Simply say aloud or pray silently:

Archangel Michael, 

thank you for your Divine Protection

 today (right now, tonight)!

Daily Grounding Practice

Begin and end each day connecting with the Earth by GroundingWe are here to consciously anchor Love within our Bodies and to the physical plane. 

Try my personal grounding practice below. 

My Daily Grounding Practice - Click Here

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Julie's Personal  Favorites

         My Favorite Healing Support Oils:

  •    Frankincense
  •    Rose
  •    Lemon
  •    Lavender

My Favorite Healing Support Crystals:

  •   Amethyst
  •   Angel Aura Quartz
  •  Amazonite
  •   Hematite

If you share this content to your website or social media, please link this website and kindly credit me. Julie Hedges ©2019, ©2020

* Seek medical attention if needed. Julie Hedges does not diagnose or prescribe any wellness practice.Use your discretion and consult a medical professional.