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Soul Path Empowerment

Workshops, Lectures, Events & More

Astrology Essentials Monthly Astrology Group

The Way of the Mystic© Workshop Series  

Soul Path Empowerment on YouTube

Astrology Essentials with Julie Hedges

Modern Astrology for Modern Life 

Our inner Star-scape is made of the same ingredients as the Stars and planets. HOW those ingredients are organized within our Body-Mind-Spirit assists our Earth journey in unique ways.

Join Julie Hedges each 2nd Sunday of the month Unity Spiritual Center in Evansville, Indiana for a FREE* Astrology Essentials workshop. Come to learn and discuss key astrology concepts and current events!

Each 2nd Sunday at 1 pm  

* Love offering for use of the space & materials provided

 Request to be on the email list! Join us on Facebook, too! 

Mystic Healing 

Sunday * August 8th 

Join Julie Hedges at Unity Spiritual Center in Evansville, Indiana for an intense 3-Hour Advanced workshop in Energy Mechanics. 

Experience your Energy Management System in an intimate way. 

Develop a deeper connection with your Spiritual Bodies. 
Fine-tune your resonance with your Physical-Emotional-Mental circuitry.

Be ready to EXPERIENCE your Sacred Anatomy like you never have before!

Register for this unique workshop by contacting Julie Hedges at [email protected] I will put you on the list! 

For more information click here

Workshop 1 - 4 PM 
Investment: $35, payable to Unity Spiritual Center

Questions: Email Julie at [email protected].

The Way of the Mystic©

Nurture the Mystic Within 

Mystics are Healers, Sensitives, Seers, Psychics, Energy Practitioners, Lightworkers, Dreamers, Artists, Poets and Songwriters. And many other Heart-centered individuals!

Deepen your relationship with your Inner Mystic. Practice the care and feeding of your Seven Spiritual Gifts. Be immersed in the Holy Joy of your Inner Child and Discover how to co-create with your Inner Mystic for personal empowerment. 

Workshops to be announced soon!


Soul Path Empowerment 


Meditation            ♥           Healing            ♥            Empowerment        

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Grounding Practice

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Monday Metta 

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