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Dear Sensitive Soul

When you embark on the Healing Journey and do the Work, you will reach new levels of Wellbeing. 

And your entire Mind-Body-Spirit System will need to integrate a new healing Awareness. 

A regular Self-Care routine helps to bring your Body System into alignment with

Greater Health, Increased Vitality & More Balance.


Below are some of my favorite Self-Care & Wellness practices.

Nature Walk

Meditation, Chanting & Prayer

Reiki Healing & Massage 

Chakra Alignment & Balancing

Epsom Salt & Kosher Salt Bath

Aromatherapy & Essential Oils

Body Detox & Lymph Massage

Journal - Paint - Create!

Poetry & Songwriting

Dance to my Power Song

Candle Gazing

Deep Breathing/Pranayama

Center, Ground & Connect 

Stretching, Kundalini Yoga

I'm here to support you throughout your Healing journey. 

Schedule a Soul Empowerment Session.



Artwork created by Lynne Andrews of VisionaryArt HQ, based in the UK. Visit her Facebook page.


For Informational purposes only. Julie Hedges does not endorse or recommend any practice and is not liable for any results of any

actions undertaken. Consult a licensed medical practitioner regarding your wellness and fitness to try any of the practices listed above.