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Julie Hedges

Author     *     Healer     *     Astrologer     *     Seer



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Soul Path Empowerment

 Intuitive Insight         *          Gentle Guidance          *          Safe,  Soulfull  &  Sacred 

Why Soul Path Empowerment?

We are Souls having a Human Experience. We came here to dance, explore, fall in love and experience the Richness of Life!

That Richness includes growth phases that may present changes in family, career, home, health, relationships, emotional balance, spiritual alignment and overall vitality. 

During changes and challenges, I can support your intentions of Wholeness and Wellness with 

Soul Path Empowerment

Soul Path Empowerment is...

Heart-centered, intuitive and spirit-affirming!

I teach people practical, spiritual empowerment skills and help
people discover and develop their unique Gifts. 
I meet each
Soul with integrity, acceptance, gentleness and create the 

sacred space to 

                                  Simply BE. 

I offer gentle guidance, understanding, sensitivity and warmth
for  your Soul's unique path. 

During periods of growth and change, be supported and uplifted 

with Soulfull,  empowering wisdom.

Soul Path Empowerment with Julie Hedges

 Julie Hedges brings the ancient Tarot alive in modern life with

The Tarot Journey Volume 1.  

Get your copy!

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The Tarot Journey Volume 1

by Julie Hedges

The Tarot Journey Volume 1  is the NEW breakthrough book by Julie Hedges. It's your source for ancient Tarot wisdom in modern life.


"Woven together from the ancient songs of our beginning, The Tarot carries its own 

melodies of life. The Fool's happy tune 

motivates us to find pleasure in 

following our path. The quiet hum of 

the pregnant Empress inspires us to 

dream of our greatest awakening...  

The Tarot is a symphony of 

harmonies, arias and arpeggios."

~ The Tarot Journey Volume 1 

© Julie F. Hedges

Soul Path Empowerment by Julie Hedges offers 

The Tarot Journey Volume 1 

Live Stream Shows & Articles  

Personal  Soul Empowerment Sessions

Lectures, Workshops & Mentoring

Zodiac Heart©  Empowerment  Jewelry


  I'm here to:

               *   Empower your Vision;
               *   Inspire your Heart;
               *   Encourage your Gifts;

               *   Enliven your Soul.

♥   Julie